Client: Bubblish

Industry: Milk Tea

Location: Switzerland

Client Since: 2022

About the client

Bubblish is a brick-and-mortar milk tea shop in Zurich, Switzerland but also has an online shop that offers tea ingredients and accessories from tea leaves to boba pearls and tumblers. It was established in 2021 by three co-owners and operated by a few staff.

What the client needed

As the milk tea competition and customer demand grew, the Bubblish owners realized the need to switch to a better e-commerce website and enhance the optimizations of their pages to make their online products more visible.

Twin Rams’ solution

After some deliberation, Twin Rams offered to create a new e-commerce website for Bubblish, complete with a new layout and graphics design, as well as search engine-optimized web page content for each of their 97 products. Twin Rams also provided Bubblish with optimized blogs to increase the website’s ranking and offered free season-themed newsletter content and graphic assets to further boost their lead generation.


Twin Rams provided the deliverables requested until the Bubblish team decided to put the website project on hold as they need to focus on other business matters.