Are you ready to dive into influencer marketing and have the right influencers in mind? Now, you need to think about what kind of influencer marketing campaigns you can leverage for your business. There are various influencer marketing campaigns that can fit well into your situation or your event, depending on what your goals are. With the right campaign, you’ll be able to boost your SEO, digital marketing, and overall online presence.

What is an influencer marketing campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign is a strategic digital marketing approach where businesses collaborate or partner with influencers on social media platforms, blogs, or other online channels. These influencers are typically experts or enthusiasts in a specific niche or industry, and they have the ability to sway the opinions and behaviors of their followers.

The primary goal of an influencer marketing campaign is to leverage the influencer’s credibility, authenticity, and reach to promote a brand’s products, services, or message to its target audience. This form of marketing is based on the idea that consumers are more likely to trust recommendations and endorsements from people they follow and respect than traditional advertising.

In an influencer marketing campaign, the influencer usually creates content, such as social media posts, videos, blog posts, or live streams for a business. This content features or discusses the brand’s offerings. The influencer’s content can take various forms—from product reviews and tutorials to lifestyle imagery and personal endorsements. This makes it a great off-page SEO strategy as well.

The brand often compensates the influencer for their work, either through financial compensation, free products or services, or a combination of both.

What are the types of influencer marketing campaigns businesses can do?

Influencer marketing campaigns can take various forms, depending on the goals, target audience, and nature of the product or service being promoted. Here are some common types of influencer marketing campaigns that businesses can undertake:

#1 Sponsored Posts

This is the most traditional form of influencer marketing, where brands pay influencers to create content. This includes posts, videos, or blog posts that promote their products or services. Sponsored content can be integrated into the influencer’s regular content or created specifically for the campaign.

The more authentic the sponsored content, the better. Sponsored posts that come naturally instead of robotic or try-too-hard are even better. If you can find an influencer that fits your industry or your niche and is engaging with their audience closely, work with them to bring your campaign to life.

#2 Contests and Giveaways

Brands can collaborate with influencers to run giveaways and contests. This way, the influencer promotes the giveaway or content campaign, and their followers have a chance to win prizes provided by the brand. This approach can help increase engagement and reach for both the brand and the influencer.

As a brand, you can also maximize this influencer marketing campaign and ask giveaway entrants to create a post to join the giveaway. These can be forms of user-generated content (UGC) that you can leverage.

#3 Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadorship is a unique type of influencer marketing campaign. This is where some influencers become or are chosen to be long-term brand ambassadors who regularly promote a brand’s products over an extended period. This can help establish a strong and ongoing connection between the influencer, their audience, and the brand.

Make sure to choose the right influencers and create a proper guideline for the ambassadorship. Great brand ambassadors can do a lot for the growth of your brand.

#4 Event Activations

Event activations are a good choice to promote special events, gatherings, meetups, or more. Brands can partner with influencers to help garner interest or show credibility for the event.

Whether you’re attending a convention, showcasing new products, or holding a gathering or a small festival, influencers can help you reach the right audiences and get people to talk about your event and attend.

#5 Unboxing Videos

Unboxings can be a creative and unique influencer marketing campaign. This is where a brand sends an influencer package or promo box to the influencers to promote or highlight on their own pages. Influencers unbox the package via videos or Stories, and with this, they are able to take their audience on a virtual unboxing journey.

Unboxing videos help you boost your brand exposure or increase audience interest in a specific product. This type of campaign is good for when you have a new product, an upcoming sale, or for specific seasons where you want to boost conversions.

#6 Affiliate Marketing

Businesses can also partner with influencers on affiliate marketing campaigns. This is where influencers earn a commission on sales generated through their unique affiliate links or codes. This incentivizes influencers to promote the product more actively and regularly.

Influencers in your affiliate marketing campaign will have special discount codes or affiliate links. They can use these in every social media post, Story, blog post, video, or more. This boosts your exposure and conversions, as well as creates a lasting relationship with the influencer and their audience.

#7 Account Takeovers

Brands can let influencers take over their social media accounts for a specific period, allowing the influencer to engage with the brand’s audience directly. Account takeovers are fun and can significantly boost a brand’s engagement and audience. This approach can provide fresh and authentic content to your followers.

#8 Honest Reviews

Influencers can also review and provide their honest opinions about a product or service. Reviews are some of the most common types of influencer marketing campaigns, and they can be effective and beneficial to the brand. This can help build trust with the target audience, as it showcases real experiences and feedback.

However, as a brand, you also need to be open to criticism or any negative feedback when it comes to this type of influencer marketing campaign. How you respond to these things will also affect your reputation and brand image.

#9 Livestreams

Social media livestreams are also a good way to engage with your audience and attract new followers. This is where brands can collaborate with influencers and hold a live stream together, whether to talk to each other or interact with the audience in real time. This can be in the form of interviews, Q&A with the audience, product features, in-the-moment event broadcasts, and more.

You can use these livestreams to tell the audience more about your brand, give them a glimpse of how you work, or know more about your target audience and what they want.

#10 Pre-release Campaigns

Pre-release influencer marketing campaigns are known to be fruitful and effective every time. These campaigns tease or show off new products of a brand with the goal of driving anticipation for the actual launch of the product or service.

Use pre-release campaigns to attract an audience, create buzz, and build enough excitement for your new offering. If done properly, you won’t just drive excitement; you’ll also be able to boost sales or pre-orders.

With help from the right influencers and the right campaigns, brands will be able to reach the right audiences, boost exposure, gain significant sales, and improve digital marketing altogether. Need more help? Talk to Twin Rams Media now to get started!