Visual design and graphic design are important factors in growing a business, especially when it comes to digital marketing approaches and campaigns. Without a graphic or visual designer to help, businesses might not have a cohesive visual identity when it comes to marketing materials, visual assets, websites, and more. And while these two roles are […]

Most social media marketing professionals and entrepreneurs know that managing social media accounts can be taxing. It involves plotting content, creating content, scheduling posts on social media platforms, engaging with the audience, and so much more. However, social media calendars can level the playing field for everyone. If you’re a busy business owner, a part […]

Are you utilizing the power and potential of influencer marketing for your business? Influencers and influencer marketing have gained prevalence over the past few years. They have gained so much popularity that they have created an impact in the consumer industry, social media, and digital marketing. For example, according to Matter‘s findings, 69% of consumers […]

Are you utilizing enough visual content in your content marketing and overall digital marketing strategy? Visual content is a crucial key to dealing with the shorter attention spans of the audience and the increase in digital platforms and devices. Capturing your audience’s attention and conveying your brand’s message is now even more challenging. And in […]

Emails allow businesses and marketers to connect with their audience; this much is true. However, a more important thing to consider is this: Are you creating effective and engaging personalized email marketing campaigns to communicate messages to your prospects? Let’s talk about email personalization. What is personalization in email marketing? Personalization in email marketing refers […]