You may not want to believe it, but every business needs to hire or outsource creative services from digital marketing agencies  like Twin Rams. Whether an entrepreneur is planning to venture into digital marketing or not, creative services are necessary for their business’s branding and operations.

For entrepreneurs and business owners out there planning to boost their brand awareness through digital marketing, here are the major creative services you will be needing.

Graphic Arts and Design Services

Graphic arts services and/or graphic design services are probably one of the most in-demand creative services that businesses need for their digital marketing pursuits. In fact, it is so in demand that the employment rate of graphic designers is projected to grow by 3% from 2021 to 2031.

This is due to the consumers’ preference for visual communication and content. Studies show that 81% of the younger generation of consumers seek out visual content prior to purchasing a product or availing of a service. So if you are planning to enter your business into digital marketing, graphic arts, and design services are one of the creative services you’ll need to hire.

Photography Services

Since all businesses are different, there are entrepreneurs or business owners that are happy with hiring a graphic artist and getting photos from free stock image websites. However, if you sell products that need their photos taken, a photography service is one of the creative services you’ll need for digital marketing. 

While smartphones with advanced camera technology are capable of capturing good photos, product photography requires a certain skill that only professional photographers have. Additionally, photography services include lighting equipment and setups that can highly enhance your products’ appearance in the photos.

Videography and Video Editing Services

Videography and video editing services are a must for businesses these days considering the numerous video platforms you can use to spread brand awareness campaigns. 

According to video marketing statistics of 2022, 83% of marketers confirmed that video content as a digital marketing strategy has increased their website traffic. 

Content Writing

Content writing may be more about words than images, but it still is considered one of the creative services needed for digital marketing. Content writing also falls under non-fiction creative writing, and requires one’s artistic way of writing to keep the readers engaged.

Content writing involves the text content you see on general web pages and website blogs. This also includes the text content in infographics and other informative posts.

Copywriting for Ads

While content writing is mainly to inform the target audience and website visitors, copywriting’s purpose is to hook the target audience or convince them to buy the product or service. A good example of copywriting outputs is the eye-catching, brief sentences often seen in advertisements called “catchphrases”. 

If you want a witty or convincing copy for your billboard, poster, or social media ads, copywriting services are one of the best creative services you could avail of.

Integrating digital marketing into your business strategy is not easy, but that’s why digital marketing services like Twin Rams Media Group are here. Just contact us to set an appointment.