You can properly market your startup on LinkedIn by creating an established business page, identifying your goal, talking directly to your audience, implementing SEO practices, and more. Social media has played a big role in digital marketing. Promoting your startup on LinkedIn is a good way to connect to prospects and other industry professionals.

In this article, we will discuss ways how you can market your startup on LinkedIn.

Create a business page

To get things started, the first step is to create your startup’s LinkedIn page. Prospects and peers on this platform should be directed to your LinkedIn profile to get more details about what you offer. You can share content, post company info, publish blogs, and more using your page.

Identify your goal

Do you want to generate leads? Connect with other industry professionals? Define what your goals are as a business as this will help you strategize how you should use your LinkedIn page.

Talk directly to your target audience

For your LinkedIn content, use the right tone that your target audience can relate to. You can either have a formal tone, casual, or anything that fits your branding. You can implement the same strategy and other techniques on your other social media accounts.

Implement SEO practices

Use top-performing relevant keywords for your posts’ captions. LinkedIn also has a button that you can use to link to your website. You can also use hashtags that are related to your industry when posting articles and images on LinkedIn.

Hire marketing experts

Too busy to handle your LinkedIn account? Hire a Marketing experts to help you manage your social media campaigns. Together you can come up with a strategy you can use in running your LinkedIn page. This will also take some load off of your plate.

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