Unfortunately, avoiding mistakes might be easier said than done. Committing them to social media apps like Instagram could be a big blow to your brand. The platform is one of the biggest social media channels with over 1 billion users monthly. This is why businesses are on Instagram and why professionals should avoid making mistakes when using the app.

In this article, we will discuss the top three Instagram mistakes marketers should refrain from.

#1 Posting Images with Low Quality

Instagram has a visual element to it. Make sure the images you will share on the platform are appealing or should catch the attention of users. Avoid using images with poor quality to keep your audience engaged. Explore photo editing tools in the market to help you produce images that are ‘Instagrammable‘. 

Don’t forget to pair your images with catchy captions and relevant hashtags to drive engagement and visibility.

#2 Overlooking Analytics

Do not ignore data that is available for you to use. Monitor your metrics to see where you’re performing well and areas that need more work. Your social media metrics should be added to your database to help you strategize your next actions.

#3 Not Having a Concrete Plan

Identify what you want to achieve with your Instagram account. Do you want a million followers? Use it to drive traffic to your site? Or close more transactions? Have a clear goal and establish a plan on how you will get there. This will help you with decision-making and track your brand’s growth.

Work with Experts to Avoid Mistakes

Another action you can take is to collaborate with marketing experts. Seek support from them to help you with your Instagram marketing efforts. Exchange ideas with professionals to make sure your hitting the right spots in terms of marketing on Instagram