Do you know that emails can be used for advertising your business? This is called email marketing. But what is email marketing, exactly?

One can use email marketing to promote products, inform the audience, connect, educate, and more. Now, email marketing is only one part of digital marketing and online advertising; however, it can yield great results. If your small business has a website, or if you have an e-commerce shopping site, emails can be instrumental to your growth.

Learn about the importance of email marketing, how it works, and how you can utilize it for your business. 

What is email marketing and why is it important?

Email marketing is a form of marketing strategy which involves regularly sending your customer contact list electronic mails that contain announcements about new products, discounts, and other services. 

Email is an inexpensive yet effective marketing tool. It offers a direct way of connecting with customers and prospects, making it easier to promote your products and build rapport. It’s a great way to nurture and convert your leads as well. Plus, emails help your content strategy. You can use this as a tool to distribute your content–your blogs, case studies, video content, etc.—and share valuable insights with your audience.

According to Statista, the number of email users worldwide is expected to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025. That is half the world using email in one way or another. Forty-nine percent of consumers also said that they like to receive weekly promotional emails from their favorite brands. This means your customers would like to hear from you in their emails. It would be a waste not to take advantage of that!

Email marketing can be diverse and powerful. Here are examples of emails you can utilize:

  • Newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Event email invites
  • Content distribution emails 
  • Seasonal emails
  • Surveys

How does it work?

The answer to the question “What is email marketing?” does not end in defining it. If you plan on implementing this marketing strategy, you must also learn how it works.

It starts with a simple newsletter sign-up button or an email sign-up form on your website. The more visitors you have, the more people will sign up to receive your emails. You can also retrieve email addresses offline when people sign up on your forms, logbooks, customer receipts, and more. With this, you can start building your email list, learn about your audience, and reach more people.

You have the option of sending a weekly or monthly newsletter to your audience. Tell them about any company update, announcement, upcoming event, or more. You can take advantage of your email list and tell them about special offers, exclusive deals, or upcoming sales. You can even make it more personal and send discounts they can use on their birthdays or birth months. 

Email marketing platforms can be a huge help with your campaigns. You can easily build your newsletter or use a template for promotional emails. You can segregate your email list into specific groups as well and target loyal customers, prospects, and even those who haven’t purchased from your business for a while. Of course, you can also manage every email you send—check bounces, new subscriptions, replies, and more. 

Getting started with email marketing

Now that you know what email marketing is and how it works, you can get started. But first, here are a few tips on building your list and utilizing emails.

Say no to unsolicited emails

Sending unsolicited emails is not a good practice. All you’re doing is barging into people’s inboxes when they don’t even know about you and your business. This applies to buying email lists as well. What you need to do is ensure that your email list consists of people who opted in to receive your emails. Whether it be from a sign-up button on your website, leads from events, customers in-store, or more. 

Don’t flood their inbox

Yes, emails can be powerful but don’t abuse that power. Flooding your audience’s inbox with too many emails can drive them away from your business. They’ll unsubscribe from your list and most likely won’t convert into a customer. Send emails only when necessary. You can also keep a schedule so that everything is organized and orderly. 

Optimize for mobile use

According to The 2021 Email Client Market Share by Litmus, 41.6% of email opens are mobile. This is followed by webmail (40.6%) and desktop (16.2%). This means that most of your audience will open your email on their mobile phones. You need to optimize your email so that they can read and engage with it no matter what device they’re using. 

Don’t just sell

And of course, one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating your email marketing strategy: don’t just sell. You need to connect with your audience as well. Start a conversation with them, and share your experience. Sharing knowledge and insights is also a great way to engage your audience. 

Talk to Digital Marketing and Email Experts

If you want to take your email marketing efforts further, you can also work with experts. Twin Rams can craft a comprehensive strategy to fit your business needs.

We can help with:

  • Campaign planning
  • Layout designs and content
  • Automated email funnel
  • Management and reports

To get started on our email marketing, contact Twin Rams Media today!