Some of the usual tasks a virtual assistant (VA) can perform are email management, calendar management, social media management, research, data analysis, and a lot more.

Aside from managing the tasks mentioned, an ideal virtual assistant should also have great communication skills, wise decision-making, time management, excellent attention to detail, willingness to learn, and reliability.

In this article, we will discuss tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant.

Email Management

Going through emails can take up a huge amount of time. With your busy schedule, there’s no surprise that you will sometimes forget to reply to urgent messages. Let your VA sort things out for you.

Your VA can notify you about important messages, delete spam, and organize email folders for you. You can even ask your virtual assistant to modify and send emails from templates.

Calendar Management

Organizing your schedule is easier said than done. As your business grows, more responsibilities will come your way. This might require rescheduling appointments and modifying items on your calendar. 

Let your virtual assistant take this task off of your plate. Your VA can double your calendar and make sure that everything is in order and there will be no conflicts in your schedule.

Social Media Management

Social media activities are important to engage with your target market and promote your brand’s image. But this could be a challenge if you’re managing a busy schedule. Managing your social media accounts mean you have to regularly create content, study analytics, and reply to comments. Doing all these can take up a huge chunk of your time. 

You can still keep your social media profiles active with your busy schedule with the help of your VA. Delegate tasks that you feel can be taken off of your workload. Just make sure to provide clear instructions to your VA on how you want your accounts handled.


Conducting research is an important aspect of running a business. You need to know the upcoming trends, your target market’s behavior, your competitors’ latest activities, other business opportunities, and more.

Doing research easily takes away many hours from your day. A virtual assistant experienced in this task can help you find the information you need and organize them in a single folder or document, allowing you to focus on your main tasks while having research tasks covered for you.

Data Analysis

Entrepreneurs should never overlook the importance of data. Details such as social media analytics, website traffic, audience engagement, and more can be organized into a report by your virtual assistant.

Work with the right virtual assistant

Aside from having a lighter workload for you, a study shows that working with a VA can also help save up to 78% in operational costs compared to having an on-site worker.

But don’t just work with any virtual assistant who submitted a resume. Make sure to find one that understands your business and can perform all the tasks you plan to delegate. 

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