Marketing takes a lot of effort, this much is true. It takes constant work. However, if your target audience mostly belongs to Generation Z, traditional marketing practices might not easily apply. Marketing to Gen Z is different. This generation is composed of unique individuals who are more than aware of their influence and when brands are trying hard to gain their trust. You need to market to Gen Z the right way.

How is marketing to Gen Z different from others?

Generation Z, or Gen Z, is the group of people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. This means that the oldest Gen Z is most likely in their mid-twenties, while the youngest are in their pre-teens. Now what makes Gen Z marketing a little different? What makes it a little bit harder to connect with this generation?

A big reason for this is that this whole generation is defined as true digital natives. Gen Zs grew up in a time when being online was already a big part of their daily routines. Some of their earliest memories or formative years were probably spent online. They’ve been using the internet, social networks, and mobile devices since they were young. And it only continues to this day, as Gen Z spends over four hours on social media daily.

This makes them more socially conscious and more engaged with everything that’s happening around them, as well as everything happening around the world.

Here are some facts that can help you understand their power and the potential they hold as audience and consumers:

  • Gen Z is set to become the most educated generation in history.
  • 36% of Gen Zs are engaged in some form of political activism in 2020 (EY)
  • Over one-third of social media influencers are Gen Zs (Klear)
  • 66% of Gen Z respondents stick to buying from a favorite brand for a long time
  • The main driver for Gen Zs is the search for truth (McKinsey)
  • Gen Z has $360 billion of disposable income to spend (Bloomberg)

Effective Strategies for Marketing to Gen Z

Marketing to a generation as unique and involved as Gen Z can get a little tricky. Add in the fact that there are always new Gen Z marketing trends in 2023, as well as other marketing factors to consider, brands must always be ready to adapt. If your target market is mostly Gen Z, you need to be prepared. Here are eight effective strategies you can use to market to Gen Z.

Keep it short

This generation has been characterized by their short attention span. For example, the average attention span of a Gen Z is reported to be around 2.7 minutes. Meanwhile, when it comes to viewing ads, Gen Z loses active attention after just 1.3 seconds. Brands need to be clever and artistic when creating marketing materials, so they can capture and keep the attention of a Gen Z audience.

Keep it authentic

Gen Zs value authenticity. So it would be wise for brands to keep it authentic. Give the audience a glimpse behind the scenes, daily routines, staff interviews, and more. It also pays to be truthful and transparent with your audience. In case there are some complications or delays in production, deliveries, or more, tell the audience. Don’t hide it from them.

Build a community

Community building happens to be one of the Gen Z marketing trends and social media trends this year. Having an online community can add to the brand’s overall digital presence, brand visibility, and engagement. Brands can invite Gen Zs into communities like Discord, a special Instagram hashtag or broadcast channel, or more.

Make sure to use videos

Gen Zs have taken a liking to short-form video content. Nearly 40% of Gen Z even prefers using TikTok and Instagram for search. Brands can leverage this. You can use TikToks and Instagram Reels to market your business and reach the audience. Start integrating videos into your marketing strategies, so you have more chances to reach Gen Z.

Show your brand’s beliefs and values

With Gen Z valuing truth over other factors, it’s no surprise that they also appreciate it when brands show their beliefs and values. In fact, they would choose brands or products that align with their own values. For example, 73% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay 10% more for sustainable products. This means that brands need to show their values and amplify those messages, to connect with Gen Z.

Leverage user-generated content

According to research by QuickFrame by MNTN and Digiday, 33% of agencies and brands reported that user-generated content, or UGC, is the most important video approach for campaign success when targeting Gen Z. This is because Gen Z creates content like no other generation. They post product reviews, they create vlogs, and they feature and highlight brands and shops. There are many ways they can create content about brands, and many ways these brands can take advantage of that.

Keep it entertaining and interactive

Gen Z is an active and highly engaged audience. If you want to reach them and connect with them, you need to keep your marketing approach and materials entertaining and interactive. Use every resource available, and utilize interactive features in your social media strategy or email marketing.

Implement social customer service

Since Gen Z is known to be active on social media, they are likely to interact with brands here. Whether it be them leaving a positive review, or someone posting a complaint, this is your chance to implement social customer service. Use social tools and networks to engage with your customers. Answer their questions, resolve their concerns and complaints, and provide good customer care.

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