BAGUIO, PHILIPPINES—Twin Rams Media CEO and Pertubuhan Warisan Bangsa Melayu Filipina (PWBMF) Secretary Jadeeyah Abang attends a meeting with the city government at the Department of Tourism Cordillera Administrative Region Office on August 30, 2023.

The meeting consists of Joma Rivera, Senior Tourism Operations Officer of the City Government of Baguio, as well as Dr. Gavin Voon Shih Chin and Gilbert Pang as representatives of the Malaysia-Philippines Chamber of Commerce (MPCC). The City Tourism Office, MPCC, and PWBMF discuss potential project collaborations and future partnerships between business chambers. They also discussed possible community entrepreneurship programs in Baguio City that will not only create livelihood but will also promote Malay-Filpino arts and culture. The said projects and programs aim to strengthen the alliance between the countries of Malaysia and the Philippines. 

As the secretary of PWBMF, CEO Jadeeyah Abang looks forward to seeing the projects implemented as they align with the PWBMF’s mission and vision of preserving the Malay heritage and uniting the local Malay communities.

Twin Rams Media Group, Inc., is a digital marketing agency affiliated with the Malaysia-Philippines Chamber of Commerce and the Pertubuhan Warisan Bangsa Melayu Filipina. 

The Malaysia-Philippines Chamber of Commerce is a group of Malaysian and Filipino businesses aiming to promote tourism, cultural exchange, and economic growth between the two countries. It is joined by several other organizations and collaborators, including the United Nations World Peace Association, Nusantara Culture and Heritage Council, Pertubuhan Generasi Digital Malaysia, Projasa Innovative Sdn, Worldwide Wellness Club, and Agrouniversal Resources. 

On the other hand, the Pertubuhan Warisan Bangsa Melayu Filipina is a non-government organization based in Mindanao whose primary goal is to promote the welfare, rights, and empowerment of the Malay race in the Philippines. They strive to support the Philippine Malay community through various advocacies, educational and outreach programs, and community-building initiatives.