Client: Roni’s Retail Stores

Industry: Retail

Location: Australia

Client Since: 2020

About the client

Roni’s is an Australian-based and Australian-owned chain of variety retail stores inaugurated in 1982. Each Roni’s Retail Store branch offers an assortment of goods like homewares, kitchenwares, school supplies, and party supplies. Some branches may provide balloon arrangement services and more.

What the client needed

In 2020, three branches of Roni’s reached out to Twin Rams Media Group to improve their social media performance and to provide them with graphic design services for print ad materials like tarpaulins and billboards.

Twin Rams’ solution

Our team not only offered Roni’s our social media content creation services; we also offered strategy suggestions, changing their initially static image posts to short videos trimmed for Facebook and Instagram audiences. Twin Rams also provided Roni with optimized captions.


The short video posts showcasing Roni’s featured products rendered positive results, with Roni’s social media engagement and the number of followers increasing simultaneously. Roni’s Facebook page followers move from around 500 to over 3,000, while its Instagram account started with 200 followers and now has 2,976 followers.