Client: SOLUM Global

Industry: Technology

Location: Germany

Client Since: 2020

About the client

SOLUM Global is an international solutions provider that manufactures and supplies Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) products and solutions. Originally a spin-off of Samsung, SOLUM has expanded its reach from Korea to Germany, the United States of America, and Japan, with manufacturing facilities located in several parts of Asia and South America.

SOLUM is currently one of the top ESL providers in both the European and the American continent, and the maker of Newton ESL, the most advanced digital label in the market.

What the client needed

In 2020, SOLUM was in need of digital marketing assistance to increase its online visibility and activity in order to generate more leads. They also need to compete with other ESL providers and brands that are visible on the first pages of search engine results.

Twin Rams’ solution

Twin Rams Media Group offered SOLUM their digital marketing services which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content writing for optimized articles and blogs, social media marketing (content and graphics creation), PPC and Google advertisements, and email marketing.


Our team’s effort on SEO and content writing helped SOLUM’s website to organically rank first on the Google search results, as well as have some of SOLUM’s articles organically rank first and second for certain ESL-related keywords.

Initially, the SOLUM website only has an approximate of 200 leads. After hiring our team in 2020, the leads reached about 1600 in the course of two years. 

SOLUM also saw improvement in social media, with their LinkedIn company page followers going from only around 900 followers to having over 3,800 followers ever since Twin Rams took over their account. Twin Rams also helped in the creation of SOLUM’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Since their creation, SOLUM’s Twitter has earned more than 280 followers while their Instagram has earned 330+ followers.SOLUM’s Facebook account has also earned over 1,100 Page Likes and more than 1,200 followers. Aside from followings and reactions, SOLUM’s social media accounts also receive inquiries from potential SOLUM customers and business partners.