Videos content is probably one of the most effective marketing tools in the digital marketing industry. Every day, hundreds to thousands of people watch videos on YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram reels. In December 2021, Wyzowl did a survey that showed that 87% of businesses use videos as their marketing tool—which proves that marketers know how effective videos can be.

But why is video content effective? What makes target audiences so attracted to videos?

Moving images are more engaging

People find entertaining things engaging—of course, this is not to say that text content like articles and audio content like podcasts are not entertaining! Those types of content are entertaining, it’s just that videos are more entertaining. 

In a study conducted by Techsmith.com, results showed that the majority of audiences find video content several times engaging because moving visuals accompanied by the right audio are the perfect recipe to get people’s attention.

In a nutshell: pictures show, and texts tell. But videos show and tell.

Watching videos is faster and saves time

Through the years, life has become more fast-paced, requiring people need to catch up with the hassle and bustle. This means the majority of people would prefer faster ways of digesting information as reading lengthy literature may consume a lot of their busy time. 

By watching video content instead of reading literature, people get to save more time. Moreover, audiences can get more jobs done by simultaneously watching videos while doing menial tasks. 

Our brains like visual stimulations (very much)

Looking from a more scientific approach, one of the many reasons why audiences prefer video content is because of sight-abled people’s natural inclination to visual stimulations. The human brain processes images or visual data 60,000 times faster than it can process text, which explains a lot!

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