Did you know that Gen Z’s purchasing power is getting stronger? In 2021, Bloomberg reported that Generation Z has $360 billion of disposable income to spend. And yet, marketing to Gen Z the right way is still a little bit complicated. Generation Z social media marketing is a good start. After all, social media is where they spend most of their time online. However, Gen Z also has different habits and motives that affect their social media usage.

Here are the few ways Gen Z is using social media that marketers and business owners need to consider:

They use social media for entertainment

Generation Z is known to spend a lot of their time online. Business of Apps reported that Gen Z averages four hours and 15 minutes per day on apps (about 17.7% of a day). However, it’s also important to note that they use social media mostly for entertainment. According to Sprout Social, the most common reason that Gen Z uses social media is to kill time. This means that more often than not, social media for them is good for content consumption and leisure.

To connect with Gen Z, ask yourself or your team: Is the content we have engaging enough? Will this catch their attention? Are these social media posts worthy of their time and will they provide value and entertainment? Let this guide you for your Generation Z social media marketing efforts.

They trust creators and authentic advertising

Though influencers are a big part of social media marketing, the principles shifted a bit with Gen Zs. Now, they value authenticity and originality more. Gen Zs prefer content creators now, more than traditional influencers. This is because content creators engage with their audience on a personal level and establish rapport through the content they produce. When they advertise a product or a service, it’s also more authentic and genuine.

Because of this, brands would need to reevaluate the way they do partnerships and collaborations. Don’t just partner with influencers hoping to boost your exposure. Partner with authentic creators and influencers to engage with the audience and create an individualized experience. Gen Z consumers will end up appreciating this more.

They consume a lot of visual content

Utilizing visuals is one of the essential social media dos. And since Gen Zs are visual learners, they rely on and engage with content like photos and videos, rather than purely written text. In fact, in a study done by the National Research Group, the top social media platforms used by Gen Z are Snapchat (96%), TikTok( 91%), Youtube (87%), and Instagram (83%). These are all platforms that utilize visual content. This shows just how much this generation prefers visuals.

As brands that target Gen Z, you would do well to try these social media platforms and produce visual content that will fit their preferences. Photos, infographics, and short-form videos—all of these can be beneficial.

They use social media for shopping ideas

According to a 2021 report by Forbes, 97% of Gen Z consumers say they now use social media as their top source of shopping inspiration. They use it to discover products, research brands, compare factors, and more. This supports the rise of social commerce and the steady increase of big brands advertising their products on various social media platforms.

You can leverage this as well. You can use social media to feature your products, share tips on how to use them, and share other ideas that will highlight your products. For example, for clothing brands, you can show how to accessorize outfits or how to style them. This will help your Gen Z audience form ideas for themselves and drive them to make a buying decision.

They use social media to develop their personal brands

Generation Z has also started to favor building their own personal brands on social media. Mostly, personal branding helps Gen Zs find success in the job market. More and more of them are focusing on their personal achievements, experiences, and interests. They are also looking forward to honing their skills and talents. Simply put, they want their online presence to speak for their individual selves.

This calls for a more individualized approach when it comes to Generation Z social media marketing. The more you create content that targets a specific demographic, or connect with creators and influencers with personal brands that fit with yours, the more you will engage with the right audience.

They value digital privacy from brands

Gen Z consumers are also wary of how their information is used. Unlike other generations, they are more aware of what businesses can do with their personal information. On one hand, they want brands to create personalized experiences for them on social media. But on the other hand, they also don’t want invasive or too-forward approaches that might make them uncomfortable.

Digital privacy is still important to them. So as a brand, you need to make sure that your Generation Z social media marketing approach is balanced. Not too invasive for your audience, but just personal enough that it will be a wholesome experience for them.

Connecting with Gen Z consumers takes a little patience and strategy. Let their social media habits guide you as you engage with them in this digital space.

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